3 Lopez is a video production, photography and web design company that helps businesses and organizations to communicate and express all their capabilities using visual, design and storytelling tools.


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Imagine being able to communicate the story of your business, what you are passionate about and how you are improving people's lives through your products or services in just 2 min or less


That's the power that storytelling has


How many hours have you lost thinking that you need to improve your website, or managing yourself a site that never looks like you want?

​Let us do the hard work


The digital life of your business guarantees more reach and visibility right in front of where your target market is. We can help you with:


- Social media marketing


- Content Marketing

- Corporate branding

As business owners we know that

growing a company is a complex challenge, often the digital marketing of your business is not a priority. It's important to understand that without the right branding, your business won't generate confidence and you'll continue to have the same results.

Would you like to know where to start?

Let us guide you!

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The 3 Lopez team

At 3 Lopez we have experienced the challenge of growing our own business, with all the learning, time, focus and passion that is required, that's the reason why we deliver with love and dedication all our experience and creativity to contribute to the growth and success of other companies.

Alfonso Lopez
Creative Director &
Video Producer
Ivette Carolina Agudelo-Lopez
Executive Producer &
Digital Strategist
Eliana Lopez
Artistic Director 

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