Our values and purpose define our actions, so let's Take Action!

On December 15th 3 Lopez celebrates its Third Business Anniversary in the US, and in order to celebrate it we decided not only to thank all the business-owners, organizations, artists and people who have opened many doors for us. Instead, we decided to pay it forward to the universe using one of the tools - or gift-  that we know best how to use: the video!


We’re looking for a non-profit organization to which we can give away a video production in 2019 and you can nominate the best cause!



You know how we work, we give our best to every project we take and this time won’t be the exception. We don't want just to donate a video, we want to give away a video that's going to be useful for the organization and that can help them to have a bigger impact in the community.

So, this is where you can take action, we need your help, if you are part of a non-profit organization or you know a non-profit organization making a positive impact that could beneficiate of having an amazing video, please fill the form below and nominate a non-profit organization, we'll select the cause that resonates the most with our values.


Help us to help others and be part of this story!